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Your Best Choice — Baccarat Casino Card Game

Congratulations! You have chosen one of the best casino games to play — baccarat game! When a person chooses baccarat card game to play, the first and main thing s/he should remember is the fact baccarat game is a game of chance; that means that you should forget about all strategies described at different books or websites which promise you huge winnings if you follow them. Everything you should know is baccarat rules and some of the tips which help you to increase your chances for winning a bit. Also it is important to know several sites you would love to play at. Paddy Power offer a fun new way to enjoy playing baccarat online. That is all!

Baccarat popularity

Thanks to its rich history and many admirers, baccarat game is extremely popular and loved by many gamblers: each of them tried baccarat at least once in order to understand its weak and strong points and make own conclusions. Today baccarat is played in all casinos after the time it had become known in the USA (1920s); it came to America from Europe where had been popular since the end of the 15th century. Only noble gentlemen played this game then, and even today all casinos, where you can also play different casino games, such as Iron man slots, try to support such baccarat reputation by playing it in a separate casino room behind the heavy velvet curtains.

Tommy Renzoni

This name is familiar to all gamblers who had chosen baccarat to be their favorite game to play; Tommy Renzoni is a casino dealer who brought baccarat game from Cuba in 1950s and started the era of baccarat in Las Vegas and the USA in general. He showed this game in one of Las Vegas Hotels, and this occasion became the birth of Punto Banco — one of baccarat variations which is played today in the USA.


There are also two other baccarat variations — Chemin de Fer and Baccarat en Banque which are preferably played in Europe and which rules differ a bit from conventional ones. Anyway, these baccarat variations are provided by American casinos too because many Europeans did not want to accept Punto Banco (Noth-American baccarat) as being the only baccarat to play. So, today it is possible to meet all three baccarat variations in many land-based and online casinos.


The main thing to remember is the fact baccarat game does not have a player or a casino as a winner: there are only 3 options of the game (Player, Banker and Tie) which players can bet on and only one of these three options will win, not a person or a house.

Baccarat is played at the special baccarat table (it is important to know all its sections to avoid misunderstanding), and the winner will be the option which gets the number of points closer to 9 (the maximum number you can get).

The name

The name of baccarat has come from Italy where the game had been originated from: Italian word "baccara" means "zero" or "nothing", and it is really strange because zero is the worst result you can get in baccarat card game; anyway, such a fact is.

Well, this fact does not make baccarat game to be worse and does not decrease the number of gamblers who prefer playing it; if you read this article we can suppose you are one of them or you plan to become one of them at least: be sure that you will never be disappointed!


Baccarat Software

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Software Developers

They help us to play and enjoy baccarat online; they help us to practice baccarat game if we want to win big money... Read about the world famous software manufacturers here!