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Baccarat Table: Where, How and How Much

If you decided to come to a casino to play baccarat game you should remember this game is played at a separate baccarat table; so, be sure that you have chosen the right place to play baccarat. We are glad to reveal some secrets of a conventional baccarat table for you together with all table variations! So, you can be sure that you will choose the right table when come to a casino to play baccarat.


Baccarat table is usually located in a separate casino room: you will never find it in a hall where all other casino games are played (well, except the table for mini-baccarat or midi-baccarat. See the description below). The tradition to play baccarat separately from other casino games began a long time ago when this game was played only by rich and aristocratic gentlemen; so, modern casinos try to save and support the mystical aura of baccarat.

According to baccarat rules, a conventional table for this game has 3 places for dealers and 14 places for players: 14 is a maximum number of players which can take part in a game at baccarat table. The table itself is divided into 2 sides and each of these sides has 7 places for players, and they are numbered in a following way:

One part of the table - 1-7

Other part of the table - 7-15

Number 13 is not used here because of superstitions, so, the 14th player sits at the place under the number 15.

3 dealers lead the game: 1 of them is the main dealer and s/he is usually called to be a croupier; other 2 dealers lead one side of the table each and they help a croupier to accept wagers and watch the discipline.

Other sections of baccarat table include:

  • 3 sections for wagers: Player, Banker, Tie
  • Drop box
  • Tips box
  • Discard trays

Table variations

Though usually baccarat is played at the table described above, there are also some other kinds of baccarat tables which can be used for this game. They are the following:

    1. Two-dealer baccarat table: the same with the conventional baccarat table, but 2 dealers lead the game instead of three, and each of them leads his/her own side of the table

    2. Midi-baccarat table: the maximum number of players is 9 and only 1 dealer leads the game; this kind of table can stay in a casino together with other games, not in a separate room

    3. Mini-baccarat table: the maximum number of players is 7 that helps the game to run faster, 1 dealer leads the game and the table stays in a room together with other casino games

    4. Online baccarat table: if you prefer to play online baccarat, this kind of table is exactly what you should remember; anyway, it is a small copy of the conventional baccarat table (3-dealer one) but only one player sits at this table online where s/he plays against of a virtual dealer. The sections of this table are the same.


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