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Wager Works Baccarat

Looking for the best casino software, all gamblers and online casino owners want the only one thing: a manufacturer whom it would be possible to trust, which would be really professional and which would have proven the fact of being one of the best casino software developers with the world-famous brand name.

Wager Works is one of such manufacturers which is relatively young (its brand is known since 2005) but reliable and that is why popular among many online casinos which use its software to satisfy their clients.

Wager Works Baccarat impresses its admirers with really beautiful and even "royal" interface, perfect graphics and wonderful music; moreover it supports the image of baccarat as being the game of noble gentlemen.


Which features make Wager Works Baccarat being so interesting to try? Let's look at them together.

    1. We have told already about good graphics and sound effects; anyway, here they are.

    2. Really beautiful interface (well, it is our personal opinion of course but we hope you can share it).

    3. As well as other baccarat software, Wager Works Baccarat supplies a gambler with baccarat rules to learn or just remind.

    4. A player can control music and sounds: it is up to you whether to listen to all of them or just turn them off.

    5. This baccarat software reminds Microgaming Baccarat somehow: you will not find any chips' pictures to make your bet — there are two buttons "+" and "-" with the help of which you can increase or decrease your bet.

    6. To make your bet, you should not use the table interface: there are 3 buttons with the names of bets (Banker, Player, Tie) — push the one you want to bet on.

    7. Commission:

    Banker = 1.012%

    Player is 1.286%

    Tie = 8:1

    8. The format of software: non-download.

    9. Wager Works Baccarat is played with a single deck of cards.


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