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Classic Baccarat

Have you ever played such a casino gaming software as Rome Baccarat? If your answer is "yes" then there is not need for you to read this page because the developers of this software have done the following: they have just changed the name of baccarat software but the features and the game plot of Classic Baccarat stay the same.

Well, the reasons for this can be different of course but the fact is the following: people who developed this casino gaming software were just lazy enough to create something new, so they decided to change the name and attract people in such a way.

But, anyway, nobody wants to say that you should not try this soft or it is bad and uncomfortable to use; Classic Baccarat is the great example of software which has perfect graphics and sound effects, pleasant music to hear, interesting cards design and some additional buttons at the screen for making your game easier and more comfortable.

So, what are the features of Classic Baccarat and what is the plot of the game actually?

The Plot

You play the role of one very rich and powerful person who had got his wealth not honestly: he sold drugs and weapons and had everything he needed at that moment: power and money. But now he understands that he does not have love and understanding, does not have anybody to trust… Very often he comes to a casino in order to divert from his thoughts.


    1. Interesting cards design

    2. Great sound effects and music

    3. Perfect interface

    4. Minimum bet = $0,01

    5. Maximum bet = $10 000

    6. Tie is paid as 8:1

    7. Additional buttons:

    • Music on/off
    • Sounds on/off
    • Read rules
    • Check new version
    • Full screen button

    Classic Baccarat table will give you an impression of presence at a real land-based casino: its interface is designed at classical and conservative style which will be definitely appreciated by real gentlemen.


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