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Chartwell Baccarat

Being among other gambling software providers which had been created in late 1990's, Chartwell Technology was able to hold leading positions today: they consider themselves to be a company people can rely on: their gaming software for online casinos is used by many houses for the huge variety of casino games: roulette, blackjack, slots and certainly baccarat.

Today, it is also possible to meet Chartwell software for cell phones: you can download baccarat, as well as other casino games, and enjoy them not only online but also when you have no opportunity to sit at your computer.

Well, if you decided to try Chartwell Baccarat you should know the main features of this software to make your own conclusion whether to download this game or not. We'll give you the review of the given software and describe everything you will face with if choose Chartwell Baccarat.

Chartwell Baccarat features

The first interesting thing is this baccarat software lets you choosing the minimum and maximum bets by your own. The screenshot given below shows you 3 possible options you are able to choose from:

  • Min $1 and max $100
  • Min $5 and max $250
  • Min $15 and max $500

After that you see the baccarat table which shows the great graphics and wonderful sound effects; you are welcome to change the quality of the picture (high-low) and the size of the table (small, middle and big). Moreover, you have a chance to control sound effects' presence: you can turn the music or a dealer's voice off as well as ambient sound).

There are also some other options you can notice at the table:

    1. Opportunity to check your account (the information about bonuses you have at the moment and your account's balance)

    2. The information concerning payouts for all possible options (Banker, Player, Tie) are also shown for you to control your winnings and losses

    3. The scoreboard which lets you watching the options that win and make your own statistics

Chartwell Technology provides mostly non-download games for many users to have a chance of playing their games; so, you will definitely not have any problems with finding and gambling Chartwell Baccarat.


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