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Cryptologic Baccarat

Today, when the Internet has already become the important part of our life, online casinos are proved to be at the same level with land-based ones; so, there is no surprise that online casinos do everything to attract more visitors, and their main weapon is a proven, checked and reliable software. Cryptologic software has proved the fact of being not only one of the oldest gaming companies but also the best ones.

Speaking about Cryptologic Baccarat, the two descriptions come to mind: pleasant to observe and quick to use. What else can be said in order to describe it?

    1. Rich colors (cards are easy to read and chips are easy to see)

    2. Great sound (you have an impression you sit at a real casino)

    3. Super shapes (this software provides 3D effect)

Cryptologic Baccarat is usually played with six decks of cards and it also demands house edge for your every bet:

If you bet on Banker and win — 1,06% commission

If you bet on Player and win — 1,24% commission

If you bet on Tie and win — 14,36% commission

As for bets you can make at Cryptologic Baccarat, the minimum bet you can make is $5, the maximum bet you can make is $300.

The majority of casinos which use this software for baccarat card game (for example, InterCasino, VIP Casino and Playboy Gaming — the 3 main casinos which prefer Cryptologic) provide only download version of baccarat; maybe this is the only one drawback of this software — you can not play it online without downloading it. Anyway, you can meet some non-download versions though they are not as great as download ones (Java suite is used for them).

Cryptologic Software is proved to be trusted and secure, so, this is the main reason why so many online casinos prefer using it and so many gamblers choose to play it. If you are the fan of baccarat game, Cryprologic Baccarat is the best choice for you to try; and if you are just a beginner and only think of trying baccarat and practicing it online, this software will be the best for you too because it will help you to make the right first impression about the game, and you will not be disappointed.


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