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Egyptian Baccarat

After you have tried Japanese Baccarat or Jamaica Baccarat, it is a high time to visit the Ancient Egypt and play baccarat there. Gaming software developers give a really wonderful present to all gamblers who enjoy colorful pictures and interesting interfaces of online casino games.


Download Egyptian Baccarat to your computer and feel yourself being an inhabitant of Ancient Egypt together with the main hero of the game: he can be your friend and help you to play baccarat. Majestic pyramids, bright gold sun, huge and deep Nile River can easily amaze you with their beauty.

Cards design will also not leave you indifferent together with wonderful music which had been chosen in a way to give you an impression of complete presence in Egypt.


"Play" — most baccarat software call this button to be "Deal": it deals two cards both to a player and a banker and starts the game

"Clear Bet" — lets a player to place a completely new bet without counting any previous ones

"$" — this button lets you to increase your account for $100 by one click. Each click on this button will add $100 to your account

"Music on/off" — control the music

"Sounds on/off "— control a dealer's voice and other sounds which appear during the game

"?" — read the rules of the game if you still have some questions concerning how to play baccarat

Other features

Minimum and maximum bets of Egyptian Baccarat are the same with other baccarat software created by this developer (

Minimum bet = $0,01

Maximum bet is $10 000

As for Tie bet, it is paid as usual — 8:1

According to baccarat tips, more chances to win, when playing Egyptian Baccarat, take place when you bet on Banker; but do not forget that luck is a very unpredictable thing: playing online baccarat, you will understand why it is so.


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