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Erotic Baccarat does not stop to surprise us with quite original baccarat software; we had a pleasure to observe Japanese Baccarat, Rome Baccarat and others. And now it is time to represent one more interesting design for the game of baccarat — Erotic Baccarat.

Yes, sure, not everyone will like such a software but, as it is said, tastes are different. To try this baccarat software, do not be lazy to download it to your computer and you will be surprised by what you will see there.

The Plot

As well as other baccarat software created by, Erotic Baccarat also has its plot for developing your imagination when you sit to play it:

A beautiful young woman sits on the ground of a dark big forest; she is naked and her amazing body can not leave any man indifferent. But the small problem is: it is impossible to come closer to this lovely girl because she is guarded by a big monster which reminds you a dragon!

Play baccarat and win in order to save this poor lady and give her everything she needs: tenderness, passion and love.


    1. Nice graphics

    2. Lovely cards design to develop your imagination

    3. Intimate pleasant music


Erotic Baccarat can not boast with any additional options which could be absent at other software developed by or FreeGames4Rest — two companies which create free of charge soft for PC. Here you can find the following buttons:

  • "Exit" — quit the game quickly
  • "More games" — choose some more games to play
  • "Full screen" — look closer to the wonderful lady by making your game's screen bigger
  • "Rules" — remind yourself the baccarat rules in order not to lose
  • "Music on/off" — well, maybe you do not want to turn such an intimate music off, but anyway…
  • "Sounds on/off" — control a dealer's voice and other sounds during the game
  • "Add" — do not worry if you have suddenly lost all your bankroll when admired the body of our lovely lady: this button will help you to add $100 to your account by only one click

Minimum and maximum bets are standard for all online baccarat games of such a type: min bet - $0,01 and max bet - $10 000.

Tie bet is paid as 8:1

Enjoy the game but do not forget to come back to reality!


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