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Recently, realising the demand for an immersive casino experience, online casino has launched their live casino games featuring four of the most popular casino table games hosted by a live dealer. One of these games is Blackjack, one of the simplest casino games of all time.

The object of the game in Blackjack is to achieve a higher card count than the dealer without exceeding 21. For this reason, the game is also sometimes known as 21. Bets are placed on the blackjack table in a rectangle which you will see in front of you when you start the game. Bets must match the minimum and maximum limit for the table you have chosen to play on, and be aware that this varies from table to table. Bets must be placed and confirmed during the dedicated betting period, which ends when the dealer says “No more bets.” Each player, starting on the dealer’s immediate left, is then dealt a card face up. The dealer also gets a card, last. A second card is dealt in the same way, but the dealer’s is dealt face down instead of face up. Now, each player can look at their cards and choose whether to stand (stick with the cards you have) or hit (draw another card to add to your hand) in order to try and bring your count closer to 21, without going over. If you do exceed 21, you go bust and your bet is immediately lost. If your first two cards instantly give you a count of 21, this is called blackjack and you cannot take any more cards. If there is no chance the dealer also has blackjack, then you win your bet. If the dealer may have a blackjack too, the resolution if your bet is delayed until this is confirmed. If neither you nor the dealer hits blackjack, once everyone is satisfied with their cards then player counts are compared to the count of the dealer. If your count is closer to 21 than that of the dealer, you win. If the dealer’s is closer, you lose. If the dealer goes bust, all unresolved bets win.


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