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Jamaica Baccarat

Please, have a look at this screenshot attentively.

Doesn't it remind you anything? If no, go to Island Baccarat software and compare the designs and features of these two games. We are sure you will not find any differences at all! Do you consider it to be strange? Do not worry! The same situation we have with Rome Baccarat and Classic Baccarat: the fact is that software developers have just changed the name of baccarat soft to confuse a client; you think that some new software had been created for baccarat though the facts tell you the opposite thing.

Well, if you did not try Island Baccarat, it should not matter for you; if you prefer some definite island to play at, Jamaica for example, then you are welcome to play the baccarat software which had been developed by FreeGames4Rest company especially for such gamers as you are.


So, what do we have when download Jamaica Baccarat and start playing?

    1. Interesting interface: you have an impression that you sit at a cozy verandah, the sun is shining outside, a deep blue sea gives you its beauty together with green palms. A big table stands in the center and comfortable bamboo chairs are ready to present you a relaxing rest.

    2. Great graphics and sound effects: bright and deep colors and special music that gives you a good mood and helps to relax.

    3. Additional buttons to control the game:

    • "add $100": one click and your account is increased for $100
    • "music on/off" : control music
    • "sound on/off": control sound effects
    • "rules": let you reading the rules of baccarat to be more confident during the game
    • "full screen": choose the size of the screen to play Jamaica Baccarat
    • "exit": finish and close the game quickly

    4. Tie is paid as 8:1

    5. Bet limits: min = $0,01, max = $10 000


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