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Japanese Baccarat

This baccarat software had been developed by, a company which is a real master of interesting and colorful design for different casino games. Japanese Baccarat invites you to the world of emperors, princesses and brave warriors.

The plot of the game impresses by its simplicity and originality at the same time; bright picture gives a pleasure from its watching; original cards design on Japanese topic forces you to postpone pushing the button "Clear Bet" in order to admire the picture you can see before your eyes; sound effects do not let you be bored during your gambling.

Let's have a closer look at Japanese Baccarat!

The plot

The Japanese emperor wanted to find a husband for his only daughter. She was a very beautiful lady, so there were many brave men who wanted to marry her. So, the emperor decided to organize some kinds of competitions in order to marry his daughter with a man who we will be the winner. Young men did many different things: they danced with this lady, wrote and read poems, compared who of them was stronger… But that was not enough. Finally, the emperor ordered them to play cards: the one who wins will be the princess's husband. The game was so interesting and exciting that all citizens gathered to watch how men played it.

As you can understand, they played Japanese Baccarat; and now it is you who should determine the winner and future husband of the Japanese princess!


Japanese Baccarat software does not look as any other soft on the topic: its interface, graphics and sound effects really impress and give a real pleasure to everybody who chooses to play exactly this type of gambling software.

Download Japanese Baccarat and the first thing you will see on your screen is a volcano which erupts every time when you win, three great ships which play a role of bets (Player, Banker, Tie), red sky that tells a player about the fact the game takes place on evenings…

Certainly, it is impossible to forget about other features which baccarat card game can not be played without:

  • Magic buttons "Deal" and "Clear Bet"
  • Additional button "Add $100" for you to be sure you will not lose everything you have on your account
  • Two buttons to control sound effects and music
  • One button to read baccarat rules
  • The button which let you finding more games to choose from
  • Min bet - $0,01, max bet - $10 000
  • Tie is paid as 8:1

You are welcome to play Japanese Baccarat online or download it to your computer to have a chance to play it as often as you want and see how much you can win.


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